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This is our latest GPS Tracker and comes with an abundance of advanced features.

It's convenient control via SMS giving you a full range of Alarm features including fuel to engine cut off makes this GRP the ultimate safety gadget for your car, van, truck, or even your entire vehicle fleet.

Additionally, this car GPS tracking device will immediately cut off your vehicle's engine whilst in motion if needed.

Simply send an SMS message directly to this GPS tracker and it will disarm the gas and battery power, meaning the engine and vehicle will be immediately immobilized until the police or help...

If so the Car G7 wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter is exactly what you need.

Powered through your cars lighter socket this compact car... Supports GPS and LBS for double real time tracking solutions Built-in GPS high gain ceramics patch antenna for pin point accuracy Remote control from you phone puts you in full control Comprehensive vehicle security system Keep Tabs on Any Vehicle Ensure your vehicle is kept safe and its location known at all times by installing this state of the art GPS tracker.

This compact tracker is equipped with GSM capabilities, smartphone support and achieves accurate positioning with GPS and LBS tracking.

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Wish you could take calls hands free and share music from your phone without having to pay out for a new car stereo?

Having an IPX5 waterproof rating means you don't have o worry about the rain and ensure this GPS will keep working if your encounter some inclement weather.

A 1500m Ah li-polymer battery provides 3 to 4 hours of working time so its practical for all but the longest rides you will make.

GPS Vehicle Tracker with real-time tracking as well as SMS and remote control, a Shock sensor, a car alarm siren, and all the latest advanced car security technology in one package.

This High-Tech GPS Car Tracker is a Real-Time GPS Tracker with Remote Control, Siren and Shock Sensor.

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