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Corvids display remarkable intelligence for animals of their size and are among the most intelligent birds thus far studied.), skills which until recently were thought to be possessed only by humans and a few other higher mammals.

Their total brain-to-body mass ratio is equal to that of great apes and cetaceans, and only slightly lower than in humans.

They are medium to large in size, with strong feet and bills, rictal bristles, and a single moult each year (most passerines moult twice).

Corvids are found worldwide except for the tip of South America and the polar ice caps.

The earliest corvid fossils date to the mid-Miocene, about 17 million years ago; Miocorvus and Miopica may be ancestral to crows and some of the magpie lineage, respectively, or similar to the living forms due to convergent evolution.

The known prehistoric corvid genera appear to be mainly of the New World and Old World jay and Holarctic magpie lineages: Many corvids of temperate zones have mainly black or blue coloured plumage; however, some are pied black and white, some have a blue-purple iridescence and many tropical species are brightly coloured. Corvids have strong, stout bills and large wingspans.

The jays and magpies do not constitute monophyletic lineages, but rather seem to split up into an American and Old World lineage, and an Holarctic and Oriental lineage, respectively. The position of the azure-winged magpie, which has always been a major enigma, is even less clear than before.

The crested jay (Platylophus galericulatus) is traditionally included in the Corvidae, but might not be a true member of this family, possibly being closer to the helmetshrikes (Malaconotidae) or shrikes (Laniidae); it is best considered Corvidae incertae sedis for the time being.

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