Can cheerleaders dating nfl players

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His worth is one published estimate; another set it at 0 million – but it is all in dispute.

He and his family went to court last year to fight revealing their net worth in a fraud lawsuit dating back to the 1990s.

Here is the worth of each NFL owner and how he or she obtained that wealth.

(Sources:, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News,,,, he got rich: He and Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft, meaning his great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren should be set. Worth more than next three richest owners combined. Warren/AP)How he got rich: Real estate, as well as marrying the niece of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton (Anne Walton Kroenke is worth .8 billion).

The team is owned by 364,122 shareholders, holding more than 5 million total shares, and a seven-member committee handles business operations.

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Most of the rest are heirs of the families that originally owned the teams.

(John Amis/AP)How he got rich: He inherited the team in 1997 from his rather volatile father Robert.

His fortune had come from a heating and air conditioning business; Robert Irsay originally bought L. Rams in 1972, swapped them for the Baltimore Colts, then moved them to Indianapolis in 1984.

(Jim Mone/AP)How they got rich: The surviving children of Bud Adams, the oil tycoon and founder of the original AFL Houston Oilers, inherited the Titans when he died in 2013.

Tommy Smith, Susie’s husband, is team president and CEO.

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