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Thinking through the Progress Problem is our breakfast special this morning.

The other day in a post, I made a remark that bothered one of our readers.

The Chinese Room, whose name was retired following the 2016 renovation, derived from the carved teak ceiling and blackwood furniture that adorned the room on opening.

The room was furnished by the last Empress of China, Cixi. The chair incorporates a carved dragon and a phoenix, which, when combined, portends marriage.

We’ll just call him Dave but he’s a great guy and asks a very intelligent on-point question: “George where do you come to the conclusion that the Earth can only Support 200 – 500 million people?

” Honestly, it goes back to one of those bothersome “chicken and egg” questions of economics.

Oh, and the other fact: Global sociology has us screwed. The problem with “progress” is that it involves two costs to be considered. This comes down to “less time working” for most folks.

In France, Colbert planted oak forests to supply the French navy in the future.Which arose first: Human development into a hyper-industrialized resource gobbler OR money? Things do change and at my age memory ain’t what it…uh…where were we? (Continues below) Retrieved from: What you’ll find is this little gem – which is ideal for this discussion: It may be a bit hard to see on a phone, but the blue areas are the human pop and the red line is the rolling Annual Growth Rate.Sure, you can look at the sharp rise in the kneed of the curve there (around 1900) and figure well, global pop was sustainable at those levels. Remember, this was before electric lights (generally), before radio, before indoor plumbing most places, before public health, clean water, antibiotics, and not much in the way of cars, no gas stations to speak of, lots of horse poop, and…well sustainable but at what would be sustainable.” No.When the oak plantations matured in the mid-19th century, the masts were no longer required because shipping had changed.” If you want to pick a starting date?How about the first lick of British industrial heroin, coal, then?

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