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Since she doesn’t have a sewing machine, I thought she might enjoy fusing.So I sent her a bunch of fabric and a length of Heat ‘n Bond™ paper backed fusible web.Lisa, her daughters Kirstin and Carly, and her mom – my Aunt Lois brought over a large bag of t-shirts one Saturday afternoon and we had a lovely time cutting up shirts, fusing on the interfacing, cutting the squares and laying them out on the living room floor.They all caught on fast and we enjoyed the time together.

On the way home I began to noodle on this and, since I don’t own a serger, I had to come up with another option.

She thanked me when it arrived and then didn’t mention it again.

A little while later she “called” to say she wanted to start.

I wish I had taken a few step-by-step pictures along the way, but I’m sure you can imagine it.

Here’s a picture Kirsten recently posted on Facebook after they presented Rochelle and her daughters with the quilt.

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