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Fiiiiltai p Miiet L «i M coimmk mrl Rtn- ' rift ih* tonw Biei memm m the IWfa wi um UM vomi HIU b ark'Mh job, li«»iini|, snd «tli(r nt KMnai A »k mbhcit.

Never- theles Sji Castro iias taken a long step toward the Soviet side In (tie fii]»i-SOTisfc eos Llaomssr' ^ tom Oastco has ncelral a Btzong boost to his ego; asiiraiiii B of continued ceanomle sop- port; the commitment of Soviet prestige to the Cuban revolution; and recognition of Cuba's special importance as an example of what the revolutionary struggle can achieve in Latin America. Stgniflcant policy differences between Castro and the fltwlet leaders w«e ay Scptemlier to tf BDanl B ngpart fear that caus*, and top Qiban of Ei(; Eali to OBean Tiglv hiva beceona identified with it.

Overall, Soviet and Cuban fortunes have b^n bound more dosdy togethar mdtti^ i«s^^ti TC tnedoms of actkii have been «oib&* 3. In thetaquote address at file Havana meeting Presfdsnt Docticmi rauwrtad Cuba's leng-standfing position that Foeito Rica It a Latin Americitn nadon subju:e:4t«d to oolonial clr mimaflnp ^d ii Dot a donl6Stlic problem ti\ thfl Oh Serptadw SB Gutiv l«nt fil* Mntii^ of W prftstigc (o the issue, In rtimarks appwrentiy infended as a lespodse lo what he labeled "stf oug itateii Mots' \fg US officials, be inqufitid that Ouban Babdazttr w Jtll the cause of Fucito Rican indcpendmce ite a matter of prirvcdple and that it will not be renounced in order to improve relations: ^-ith the US, 24» It k difficult to understaud why Castro has been pui Ung flia Pberlo Bkm «»n».

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