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I don't think I fully grasp the implications and use of the non-gloss definition template, but I sense that it is perhaps part of the solution here.

__meco , 13 July 2008 (UTC)I think that the specific meanings depend on context and not on inherent meanings carried by "be". I doubt that you would have much trouble with many native speakers with "The surface of the Sun is only 10,000, whereas the interior is 15 million." The common element is the linkage.

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I wonder if a bettor can "quinella" a race, so that the "same side" is more open-ended than def. Though the noun usage is mostly about betting, the verb didn't seem to be.

It's a little hard on users to have five virtually redundant senses on top of ten others.

The translation tables and such an appendix could carry the burden of precision while the entry itself could be a bit shorter.

It tags along with "Used to indicate age", "Used to indicate height", and "Used to indicate weather conditions", however, I don't think we can say, for instance, "It's 65 today" with the ease that we can say "it's warm today" or "he's 5'10" ".

The example given, "It’s in the eighties outside, and next week it’s expected to be in the nineties!

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